I conduct individual, couples, extended sessions, and family sessions.  I usually see clients on a weekly basis, and sometimes with increased frequency depending on necessity.  Please contact me to discuss sliding scale availability.  I am able to bill your insurance provider if your plan covers out of network benefits.

I have been trained to treat a large variety of mental disorders and problems of everyday life and I have particular experience working with following issues:

 - Anxiety Disorders (Generalized Anxiety, Specific Phobias and Panic Disorder)

- Mood Disorders (Depression and Bi-Polar)

- Substance Abuse and Recovery

- Issues Pertaining to Death and Dying

- Relationship Issues

- Male Psychological Issues

- Issues of Sexual Identity  

Psychotherapy For Artists

The perception of contemporary American culture towards artists is paradoxical.  Oftentimes artists are either denigrated as eccentrics or revered as visionaries in the eyes of society.  This confusing dynamic often causes internalized feelings of shame that can be corrosive to the core self and creative process.  

I have experience both professionally and therapeutically working in the visual, literary and musical arts and understand that artists in general have more awareness of their unconscious mind.  This increased consciousness can act as the source of inspiration and creative instinct, yet can also cause isolation from others, depression and difficult emotional states.  

Psychotherapy can be an effective way for artists to work through blocks or develop new bodies of work while deeply exploring their inner selves. In this work we examine the parts of ourselves that either foster or inhibit creativity.  With new insight one can create a more healthful work-life balance that fulfills needs for self care and professional development.  

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